Work floors, stores, server rooms, record rooms, electrical rooms have one thing in common – restricted access. Access Control allows only authorized individuals to have access to buildings and vital resources within an organization. They also allow audit trails to be kept so that any irregularity can easily be found out and the culprit identified and apprehended. Today electronic access control has emerged as a de-facto standard in any institution protecting the resources of the organization from theft, pilferage and sabotage. Credentials can be verified and authorized by an automated system within the same location or at a location far away, even separated over hundreds of kilometers.
We deliver a wide range of credentials – card based and biometrics, along with sensors to read the credentials. Our offerings are from some of the most reliable manufacturers who make systems for mission critical environments. For additional security we have entry checkpoint hardware like turnstiles - tripod or full height, speed gates, swing gates and revolving doors. Put together, you can have peace of mind knowing only authorized people enter your premises.


We provide fire detection and alarm system for in-building applications. Our offered products are EN or UL certified as per your requirement and are from some of the oldest names in the industry known for their reliability.


IP Intercom and PAVA systems enable quick and easy way to broadcast emergency messages over a large area. We offer SIP enabled systems that seamlessly integrate into the local network. The systems are easy to maintain and robust – certified to industry standards, ready to meet stringent expectations.

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