Sensitive locations must be protected with layered security starting at the gates. Our products are suited for medium sensitivity locations like commercial buildings as well as high sensitivity locations like embassies or defence sites. We have an extensive range of physical access control products like barriers (boom barriers, swing barriers, spike barriers, fence barriers, crash barriers), road blockers, bollards, full height turnstiles that can cater to almost any site requirements.


Perimeters can be large. We understand this. Perimeters have to be defended under all conditions. Environmental conditions like heavy rain, fog and smoke limits the performance of conventional security systems like video surveillance. We offer extensive perimeter defence solutions to protect the sanctity of the perimeter under all lighting and environmental conditions. Our products can take care of perimeters up to 80kms with detection accuracy within 10 metres. We offer multiple technologies like light interferometry, OTDR, microwave, IR suited to various levels of threats. We can also provide solutions for physical fences that complement these solutions and deter an intruder.



The most deadly terrorist attacks rely on vehicles to deliver their payload and target their victims. UVSS can be an effective deterrent to this menace. Although it may not be able to stop the bomb from going off, an early detection can improve the chances of lowering casualty counts. Our offering is suited to small and large perimeters. If you have multiple gates from which vehicles can enter and exit your premises, we can track all the movements and keep records. So even if a known vehicle is modified, we can compare with past records to find the changes. Moreover, unlike other systems we don’t require the vehicle to stop for scanning. This is particularly important when there is a lot of vehicle movement. Additionally, the unit can be flush mounted to avoid easy detection.


We offer RADAR for sites where security is important even beyond visual range. RADAR is an effective tool to monitor and counter threats in highly sensitive locations or open areas before the threat can approach the perimeter. Early warning allows security staff to take proactive measures to counter the threat outside the perimeter and thereby significantly reduce risks to assets and people.

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